About Us

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The CAC Philosophy

  • We believe in the power of intention and choice
  • We believe that every individual and every organization can harness that power by designing their futures
  • Our role is to help individuals and organizations become who they choose to be

The CAC Differentiators

  • Focus on Intention and Choice
  • Focus on Individual and Organizational Accountability
  • Focus on Action Planning and Business Impact
  • Holistic and Creative Thinking
  • Ability to Synthesize Data into Meaningful Statements and Actions

Our Ideal Client

  • Is ready to make a change
  • Is ready to make a difference
  • Wants their work to matter
  • Believes in the power of focus, vision, and strategy
  • Is looking for a partner for the journey

Cindy Anderson Biography

Cindy Anderson

Cindy Anderson is the President of Cindy Anderson Consulting, a boutique consulting practice focusing on Organizational, Leadership, and Personal Development, serving a clientele that is dedicated to making a difference.

After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in business, she attended Indiana University School of Law. She practiced law as a Deputy Prosecutor and within her own firm and taught at Indiana Universit/Purdue University in Indianapolis. Her course in critical thinking was targeted at a predominantly science-oriented student population and often came as something of a shock to her students, most of whom had spent a majority of their academic careers in the realm of absolutes, where there is one right answer. The course challenged these students to look at circumstances from new perspectives and arrive at different, sometimes multiple, possible solutions. It was during this period in her life that she discovered her passion for helping people expand their thinking and their worlds beyond the limitations they had placed upon themselves.

Choosing to spend her career helping people and organizations create their realities by design instead of chance, Cindy moved into the field of Human Capital Management, honing her skills in her specialty areas in large organizations for the next 18 years. There she developed the understanding that a long-term view on Human Capital is imperative to the success of any organization, that continual learning is the foundation to change agility, and that the trust necessary to create a culture where people can fully perform can only be built when people can effectively communicate with one another and work through their differences.

As Cindy began to share these messages in various arenas, she was asked to come to others’ organizations to assist them. Ultimately, she chose to move back into the world of entrepreneurship with her own consulting business in an effort to assist as many as possible achieve their own visions. It was the best decision she ever made.

Cindy’s innovative approach to thinking holistically, planning strategically, and acting specifically allow her to synthesize large amounts of data into focused, essential actions. She uses creative methods to assist others in harnessing the power of intention and choice and to develop their own capabilities to effectively design the future for themselves and their organizations.