Personal Growth

Personal Growth

The Individual. Where the rubber meets the road.

Whether in an organization, where the person is a leader, an individual contributor, a contractor, or a volunteer, or outside of an organization, where the person is doing their own exploration, it is at this level that all change takes place.

This is why the core of our CAC Philosophy focuses on intention and choice because these are the drivers of change at the personal level. Without change at the personal level, no organizational change will ever take root.

We work with individuals to help them design the lives they choose to live, most often focusing on the types of topics listed below:

  • Personal Values identification and clarification
  • Personal Mission Statement creation
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • Personal Leadership
  • Personal Accountability

Through Personal Coaching, our goal is to help people become whoever it is that they choose to become, to be interested and interesting, and always passionate and dedicated to their lives and legacies.

Personal Coaching

The Personal Coaching process involves an in-depth discussion about current situations and future goals. We then work together to gain laser focus on the future ideal and action plan toward it. As the individual works toward their goals, their Coach will offer them unconditional support and encouragement, as well as course correction when needed and external accountability by someone who will not judge them.

We can also act as members of a person’s Individual Board of Directors. This is a concept whereby we act as sounding boards for individuals who may not have objective third parties that they can turn to for such services. We will often offer this service to business owners and senior leaders who are not comfortable discussing such issues with anyone within their current structures.

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